Amaura Louise


Born in Pittsburgh, Pa, Amaura Louise is a multi-media artist who has always been fascinated in the world and it's natural--as well as unnatural--beauty.  The people she has met, places she's been, and the world around her have all sparked her interest and love for art and many of its forms. Most of her art involves abstract concepts as well as technical drawings inspired by nature and man-made objects. In pottery, technique, labor, and artistic integrity are key in order to create one pot. In addition, from a foundation of symbolism and a simple love for birds, many of her pots include paintings of birds in order to describe an emotion, belief, or experience with the viewer. Similar to a field journal, her art means to capture each stage of life as she experiences it; hoping to share it with others in order to make one less person feel alone in the world, and one more person feel understood. She currently is interning under Birch and Debra Frew at their Downtown location in Indiana, PA, and is hoping to open a micro studio and gallery in Pittsburgh, PA—featuring artists she meets throughout the rest of her career and to teach others about the laborious and skill-driven process that is ceramics.