Hedman Pottery

Donn Hedman 

1636 Wells Rd.

Smicksburg, PA 16256


Hedman Pottery is nestled among the hills of western Pennsylvania. Along with his home is a complex of buildings which make up his working studio. Between the house and studio is a gallery sales room where you will find pottery on display. At the Hedman studio, you will be able to see a variety of kilns: a salt kiln and gas fire car kiln.The surrounding tranquility provides an atmosphere that is reflected in Donn’s work.

Guest Potters: 

Dan Kuhn

Jess Green 

Randy Myers

Directions from Route 85 in Plumville:

1. Take 954 North for 2.5 miles.

2. Go right on Mahoning Road for 1 mile.

3. At the T-Intersection, turn left on Wells Road.

4. Go two tenths of a mile to driveway on right.

Artist's Statement

"For many years I’ve worked with clay, exploring its qualities and possibilities as they relate to my ideas. As my ideas evolve, so the clay adapts. There is no ultimate goal to my work but rather a continual search and in that is the joy."


Donn’s work is best known for its combination of form and imagery. His influences are varied; many being derived from his experiences living and traveling in Africa. He is a former professor of art (ceramics) at IUP and has been working with clay for over 35 years. His ceramic art can be found in museums, art centers, and galleries throughout the United States.