Stoke Hole Pottery

Birch Frew

841 Reams Road

Indiana, PA 15701


Directions from Indiana:

1. Take old 119 (4th Street) North to Rt. 110

2. Left on Rt. 110

3. Right on Grove Chapel Road

4. Left on Reams Road

5. Go approx. 1/2 mile – 4th Driveway on left

Artist's Statement

"I think my love of pottery is rooted in my belief that the calculated production of functional ware, when transformed through the happy accidents of atmospheric firings, can bring a mystical element to the daily rituals of sustenance that are increasingly threatened by a fast food and paper plate society. My love of teaching comes from a desire to share my knowledge of and enthusiasm for clay with others. The constant challenge of assisting the explorations of my students continues to open my eyes to new possibilities; so really, it is a sharing of ideas and inspiration that fuel my classroom experience. At the end of the day I just love making pots.” 


Birch and his dad built the spacious studio in 2002 and began teaching the art of ceramics from centering on the wheel to firing in the wood and gas kilns. In addition to the space for creating pots, now welcoming you from the scenic drive is a beautiful gallery that displays wonders of art from an array of local artists. The gallery is open 7 days a week on the honor system.

Classes are currently lead by Debra, who previously taught ceramic courses at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and University of North Dakota and is also a full-time mom to two precious girls, Rayna and Jadyn.

A flexible schedule and small class sizes provide maximum hands-on interaction and support for the beginner to the expert potter to experience the magic of clay. Training in both the potter’s wheel and hand building clay mediums is available. As are a myriad of glazes to suit your personal style and other materials to create a masterpiece essentially out of a ball of Earth. Come connect to the tranquility that clay forms bring in this serene environment created by the Frew family.